Success Story

Introduction : In the District Mahrajganj there are enough number of animals, but they are not yielding up to their potential, Livestock yield 2-3 month properly after calving and yield reduces gradually and they posse long dry period and calving interval. Due to improper or underfeeding they become in fertile (about 30% animals) leading inproductiveness, wherever, they are breedable.Actually these problems occur due to lack of proper nutrition, management and disease problems. Worms are also a major factor for above inproductiveness situation also.

KVK intervention : A program on mineral mixture and dewormer was conducted at three locations and on six animals in each treatment by KVK Mahrajganj. Idea was to sow the impact of giving mineral mixture and dewormer to the farmers. In the treatments namely farmers practice with mineral mixture and other treatment i.e. Farmers practice plus mineral mixture and dewormer were organized.

Output : In the treatment namely farmers practice with mineral mixture, control of ooestrus in murrah buffalos were increased 33% but when farmer practices plus mineral mixture was added with dewormer, it was improved up to 83%.

Outcome : As various problems were mentioned in introduction which collectively results in poor yield and long calving interval can be managed with proper feeding including mineral mixture and disease & pest management will help in animals health and better yield up to their potential.

Impact : The results obtained very amiable and farmers who have livestock are very keen and adopting the above feeding and management practices. A large number of farmers are getting the benefit of fodder management with mineral mixture and dewormers.