Farmers Informations

Area, Production and Productivity of major crops cultivated in the district

S.N. Farmer Name Father Name Category Village Block Mobile No Remark
1 Sri Akalish Patel Sri Mahatma Patel OBC Parsoni Buhurg Ghguali 9956197729 Seed Production
2 Sri Indresh Patel Sri Satya Naryan Patel OBC Parsoni Buhurg Ghguali 9984559705 Seed Production
3 Sri Darab Singh Sri Bechae Singh GEN Barwa Sonia Mithora 9554009741 Seed Production
4 Sri Janrdan Yadav Sri Jaidev Yadav OBC Khesrari Siswa 9450427515 Banana Production
5 Sri Kaneha Sri Ramji OBC Khesrari Siswa Banana Production
6 Sri Rajkumar Sri Janrdan Yadav OBC Khesrari Siswa 9452188106 Dairy
7 Sri Ram Adhar Sri Shiv Pujan OBC Bargadwa Ghguali 8052975287 Vegetable Production
8 Sri Ram darsh Patel Sri Baban Das OBC Gopala Siswa 9936767758 Seed Production
9 Sri Sanjay Patel Sri Mudun Das OBC Gopala Siswa 9793054510 Seed Production
10 Sri Shesnath Sri Markandey Patel OBC Gopala Siswa 9455079981 Seed Production